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Employment Litigation & Counseling

Civil Rights / Age, Race, Sex Discrimination / Whistleblower protection / Unemployment


Personal Injury

Auto Accident / Assault & Battery / Slip & Fall / Dog Bite / Defamation / Premises Liability / Workplace / Wrongful Death


Fraud & Deception

Breach of Fiduciary Duty / Professional Malpractice / Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices / Fraud


Class Action Litigation

Consumer Warranty / more


Contract Disputes

Purchase & Sale Agreement / Non-Compete Agreement / Settlement Enforcement / more


Transnational Litigation

International Defendants / Interstate Defendants


Consumer Protection Litigation

Warranty Law / Lemon Law / Unfair Debt Collection Practices / Automobile Fraud


Business Formation & Litigation

Formation / Transactions / Strategy / Organization / Operating Agreements / Corporate Governance


Other Areas...

Real Estate Litigation / Professional Malpractice Litigation / Election Litigation / HOA Law & Litigation / Family & Domestic Law


  • Adam is one of the most professional, caring, knowledgeable lawyers I've worked with. He made sure to help me every step of the way and helped me achieve the best outcome. I wouldn't have been able to get the justice I deserved without his help! He takes his time to listen before he offers his advice which I found extremely helpful. He is passionate about justice and goes above and beyond to help. I highly recommend him!!

    Noor Jabbar Avatar
    Noor Jabbar

    I have hired many law firms over the years, and Williams & Ray is the best around by far. I have worked with Brycen Williams for many years now, and I have gotten to know him very well. There is a lot I could say about him. As a professional matter, I find him to be logical, concise, strategic, and brilliant. He has advised me in many areas - business strategy, estate planning, litigation, and more. I have always found his legal advice to be effective. I highly recommend Williams & Ray.

    pelle berenson Avatar
    pelle berenson

    I contacted Brycen and Adam in regard to a legal employment matter. They were able to speak with me on the phone the next day. They listened and carefully reviewed the situation. They advised me on different options and what to expect. Brycen and Adam treated me with empathy and they were trustworthy. In a difficult situation, they helped me make the best decision.

    Nate Baker Avatar
    Nate Baker
  • I worked with Brycen Williams. He helped me to get custody of my children and also my divorced. He helped me every step of the way and was very responsive. I appreciate all his help in the matter and I am satisfied and beyond happy. He is fantastic in the court room.

    Sb Sab Avatar
    Sb Sab

    From day one, Brycen was so supportive and attentive to my concerns and needs. Working with him and Adam was everything I could’ve asked for and more. Anytime I had a question or needed extra support, they were always quick with responses and made time to work around my schedule to speak with me. Their knowledge left me speechless at times, and listening to them talk and come up with strategies was so impressive! I found myself in awe on more than one occasion. These two will GET IT DONE. 10/10 can’t recommend enough.

    Michelle Diaz Avatar
    Michelle Diaz

    Adam and his team have provided exceptional service and guidance during my recent civil dispute. In court appearances and mediation discussions have been favorable and Adam did an incredibly thorough job, while remaining extremely professional and responsive. I would recommend W&R honestly for any type of legal representation.

    Nick Eagleson Avatar
    Nick Eagleson
  • My overall experience with this law firm was “amazing” and the firm is very professional. The legal system is very intimidating as a whole, but Brycen took a detailed approach to explaining my complex situation to the court. The firm deserves 10 stars in my opinion l...

    tonya thompson Avatar
    tonya thompson

    I cannot say enough about these two lawyers. They give 110%. I worked with them for 21 months and it was a wonderful experience. They listen to your concerns and I would definitely recommend them if you need a lawyer in the future.

    Karen Gaspar Avatar
    Karen Gaspar

    i live in Southern California and own property in Tennessee and that property made a deal with a company in North Carolina. As they say, it's complicated. i knew no lawyer in North Carolina and the case was potentially very damaging to me. At this point i do not remember who recommended Brycen, but i called him, found him to be a good man to speak with so i hired him.our outcome was better than i could have expected. my opponent settled for an amount lower than believed was possible. Brycen handled the long distance,... read more

    Robert Likes Avatar
    Robert Likes
  • I had an excellent representation experience with Brycen Williams. I met Brycen during the initial hearing phase of my particular case. Immediately, Brycen listened to the general issue of my case, and offered his contact information so that we could further discuss representation options.Brycen is extremely professional and organized. Upon our first meeting,Brycen explained the specifics of the administrative information regarding the contract in which we would engage. Brycen allowed for some negotiation within reason, and ensured that we reached a consensual agreement.Brycen is detail-oriented, thorough, and well-researched. Brycen explained the potential courses of action he would take to approach... read more

    Eric Williams Avatar
    Eric Williams
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