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Trial Lawyers

simplifying the complex

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4.5 Stars - Based on 31 User Reviews
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Trial Lawyers

simplifying the complex

google logoWilliams & Ray, PLLCWilliams & Ray, PLLC
4.5 Stars - Based on 31 User Reviews

Trial Lawyers

simplifying the complex

google logoWilliams & Ray, PLLCWilliams & Ray, PLLC
4.5 Stars - Based on 31 User Reviews

About The Firm

We are a trial-lawyer boutique that litigates high-complex cases. We are aggressive problem solvers, fighters, and trial lawyers. We operate through highly personalized attorney-client relationships, and we do everything in our power to win.

Brycen G. Williams
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Practice Areas

Across all practice areas of civil law, we work on the exceptional and the complex broadly. We treat no case as ordinary, and our model is not a mill. We focus on the finding of truth through the exceptionally complex. Notable areas of success include:


Employment Litigation

Civil Rights / Age, Race, Sex Discrimination / Whistleblower Protections / more


Personal Injury

Auto Accidents / Assault & Battery / Slip & Falls / Dog Bites / Defamation / Premises Liability / Wrongful Death / more


Fraud & Deception

Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices / Fraud / Breach of Fiduciary Duty / Professional Malpractice / more


Class Action Litigation

Consumer Warranty / more


Contract Litigation

Transnational Business Disputes / Purchase & Sale Agreements / Non-Compete Agreements / Settlement Agreements / more



Employment & HR Counseling / Trust & Estate Advice / Partnership Agreements / Business Strategy / Risk Management / more

More Practice Areas

Why Choose Us

The primary goal, above all others, is to choose a lawyer you can trust. Good questions to consider are whether the lawyer enjoys the job, whether he’s organized, whether he is comfortable and up front with bad news. A well-organized lawyer that enjoys the work will continue thinking about your case after the lights are off and the billing has stopped. 

It should not be difficult for the trial lawyer to explain the benefits of their hire. When shopping for a lawyer, listen not only to their promises, but pay attention to their manner. Lawyering, as a profession, ranks among the top in rates of depression, suicide, and substance abuse. A keen sense for unhappiness — defensiveness, combativeness, signs of burn-out or disarray — will go a long way. There is no harm in interviewing more people. Attorneys and clients work closely together, you will want someone sharp, articulate, and with whom you can communicate openly.

Behave as though you have a judge and jury as an audience at all times. Preserve evidence of your good behavior and that of your opponent’s bad behavior. Contact a lawyer. 

Clients traditionally pay lawyers on one of three bases.

1. Hourly. A traditional “hourly fee” will depend on the law firm’s structure and overhead, and on the skill and market value of the attorney’s time.  It can range from $200 – $500+ per hour.

2. Contingency. A “contingency fee” — common practice in personal injury cases — is a fee paid to the lawyer out of the proceeds of the lawsuit. If the suit is unsuccessful, the client pays the attorney nothing. A contingency fee ranges between 33% and 40% of the proceeds.

3. Flat Fee. A “flat fee” is a fix sum of money the client pays in advanced for the attorney’s work throughout the entire case (or for a specified portion of it). Flat fees vary greatly, between $500 to over $100K, depending on the scope of work estimated by the attorney.

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Brycen G. Williams
Founding Partner
Adam W. Ray

What Our Clients Say About Us

4.5 Stars - Based on 31 User Reviews
From day one, Brycen was so supportive and attentive to my concerns and needs. Working with him and Adam was everything I could’ve asked for and more. Anytime I had a question or needed extra support, they were always quick with responses and made time to work around my schedule to speak with me. Their knowledge left me speechless at times, and listening to them talk and come up with strategies was so impressive! I found myself in awe on more than one occasion. These two will GET IT DONE. 10/10 can’t recommend enough.
Michelle Diaz
North Carolina
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